Andy Hoyos was born in Los Angeles California and calls a suburb of Seattle home, where he lives with his wife Michelle. Coming of age during the 1970's Andy grew up like so many American boys, in love with high imagination movies, comics and American popular culture in general. Raised in an artistic household; his father a TV and film actor, grandfather an opera singer and mother a highly skilled craftsperson, it seemed a creative life was in his destiny.


Andy Began his art career in 1972 when he joined the NBC television studios graphic arts department in Burbank California creating on-air graphics and illustrations for numerous television shows. In 1979 Andy left television arts production to work a a freelance illustrator and animation background designer and painter.


In 1989 Andy accpeted an art directorship with the cutting edge gaming software company Sierra Online in Oakhurst California. This was his frst exposure to computer games and to computers in general. Up until then creating art in a computer was something that others did. However, it didn't take him long to realize the great potential of this relatively new digital medium. Combining traditional materials and techniques with digital tools open up new creative possibilities. Andy went on to art direct and was a visual conceptualist for numerous gaming titles for Sierra Online, Electronic Arts, Origin Systems, Microsoft and Monolith Productions.


In 2006 Andy left commercial art all together and focused his creative energies on personal artworks exclusively. Now merging, in a more complete way, his traditional painting materials with digital tools allowing his artworks to take on new depth and dimension.




I am a painter and mixed media artist and I use traditional art materials as well as employing digital tools to create my mixed media artworks. Art that is painted in my computer might be reproduced to canvas, watercolor paper or high gloss aluminum. These reporductions of digitlly painted artworks are then bonded to birch wood panels which have been hand painted, after which the panel has resin or lacquer applied to it.


In an attempt to create my personal universe, where I am the supreme being - all powerfull, unforgiving but generous; I create playfully dark works of art populated by some personal demons, angels and a menagerie of beings  that have ricocheted around the recesses of my mind since childhood, only now to emerge as the peculiar inhabitants of a cosmology of my making.